Pairing with Eggs

Let's find the right wine for eggs

We don’t want to be fussy, but how you cook your egg has a big influence on the choice of wine! We suggest three pairings for three different preparations.

We suggest...

Soft-boiled or hard boiled eggs

An egg in all its perfect simplicity! The harmony and delicacy of Syrah Rosé complements a hard or soft-boiled egg without overpowering its flavour.

Syrah Rosè
Syrah Rosè

Aperitif? Pizza? Fish dinner? Syrah Rosé is always ready. Its well-balanced character makes it the…

Scrambled eggs

The creamy texture and savoury flavour of scrambled eggs match perfectly with the minerality and the delicate notes of Chardonnay.

White wines

Sicilian by adoption, Chardonnay has the charm of a foreigner that conquers everyone. Its exotic…


A perfectly stringy omelette needs a wine to enhance it: Nero d'Avola Bio, with its long finish, is the ideal pairing.

Nero d’Avola Bio
Nero d’Avola Bio
Organic wines

Everyone has that friend who is deep and introverted, but also has a big heart.…