Pairing with Casatiello

The champion of Neapolitan cuisine

Good and fluffy, recognisable by its eggs placed in four places on the cake: this is Casatiello, a great classic of the Neapolitan tradition, the star of Easter tables but too good to be enjoyed only once a year. We recommend cooking it at least three times a year, as well as the perfect wines to pair with this tasty rustic cake.

Ingredients for for a baking pan with a 26 cm diameter

  • Manitoba flour: 600 g
  • Water: 330 ml
  • Lard: 140 g
  • Fresh brewer's yeast: 10 g
  • Sweet Provolone cheese: 120 g
  • Caciocavallo cheese: 50 g
  • Salame Napoli: 120 g, diced
  • Pancetta: 50 g, diced
  • Pecorino cheese: 40 g, grated
  • Black pepper: 2 tablespoon
  • Salt: 10 g

Prepare a dough with 95g of flour, 100ml of water, the yeast and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Add the remaining flour and water and knead until a soft dough is obtained. Add salt, pepper and lard (must be perfectly absorbed by the dough). Brush the dough with lard and let it rest for about 3 hours.

Roll out the dough and fold it in two, keeping a piece aside that will be used to cover the eggs on top of the pie. Let the dough rest for another half an hour and then roll it out into a rectangular shape (1 cm thick).

Now it's time to fill the cake! Cover the surface with half of the pecorino, salami, bacon and cheeses, then add the rest of the pecorino and pepper.

Start rolling the rectangular shape and seal it well. Brush a round baking tray with lard and put the roll. Remember to place the four eggs on top of the pie and cover them with the dough strips (forming a cross).

Let the cake rest for about two hours before baking.

Brush it with a mixture of egg yolk and milk and bake in a preheated static oven at 180° for about 45 minutes.

When the Casatiello is ready, let it cool before serving.

We suggest...


With its floral notes, the Syrah Rosé enhances the rich flavour of the Casatiello. A happy match that creates harmony.

Syrah Rosè
Syrah Rosè

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The violet and plum notes of the Merlot envelop the savouriness of the Casatiello. On the palate, it is an explosion of flavours.

Red wines

It comes from afar, but when you meet it, you feel you’ve known it forever.…


The freshness of the Nerello Mascalese creates a pleasant contrast with the decisive flavours of the Casatiello. A match to be proposed with eyes closed!

Nerello Mascalese
Nerello Mascalese
Red wines

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